There are two ways you can place a room reservation at our hotel.


  • Go to the Accommodation page to view a list of all our room types.
  • Click on the one you prefer to see further details about it.
  • Fill the form on the right side of the room’s page you have selected & check availability
  • You’ll see results of availability for that room type & other alternatives, with their Total prices for nights you have selected, to help you make a quick comparison before proceeding.
  • Select the room you prefer & fill the next Form with your personal details
  • Finally proceed to the confirmation page to finalize your reservation.
  • We will review your order ASAP, and get back to you with confirmation for your order


  • Instead of starting from the accommodation page, click on the BOOK NOW menu.
  • Choose your Arrival & departure dates & number of rooms you want.
  • Check availability, and proceed from Step-4 of “PROCESS 1” to finalize your reservation.

Yes you can book many room quantity of the same type, when you begin your reservation process from the BOOK NOW menu button, and choose a number on the field of “Rooms” to specify how many rooms you want.

After checking availability, you will be given an option to select the room types for the number of rooms you chose. Go ahead and click “Select Room” on each room type you want added on your reservation list for the number of rooms you selected initially.

Yes we have a special room type designed for Families called “Family Room” which┬áis composed of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate living room furnished with a leather sofa bed. It can accommodate up to six people when using the sofa bed. The family room features a kitchenette equipped with a cooker, microwave, kitchenware and tea making facilities. It also has a private balcony.

Our guests are valuable to us, therefore in order to help them avoid scam taxis or any other incident we provide FREE airport pick up services. Our vehicles are clean, in good condition and have air conditioning.

We make discounts for loyal guests who return to our Hotel frequently, and to New guests who come in a large group or with an extended period of time.

Apart from Accommodation, here is a list of other services you can find at our hotel, some of which are perks to the accommodation service & hence incur no extra charges:

We always love to hear back from our guests who spent some time in our hotel, it gives us the opportunity to improve our services & serve them better next time. You can always leave your feedback/review about your experience at our hotel by following the external links at our Reviews page, and give us a feedback of what you loved during your stay.