Lebanon Bar

Lebanon bar is one of the best hangout places in Kigali for corporate and middle class consumers. It blends modernity and friendliness making it a cool destination for those who want to start their night out.

Located near the swimming pool, the bar features different sitting areas:

  • The terrace overlooking the swimming pool: this is the best spot for an outside feel and for enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kigali city or the well maintained garden surrounding the swimming pool.
  • The terrace overlooking the garden: This spot is ideal for a group of people who want to unwind but also enjoy some privacy. It can also be used for informal meetings and gatherings between friends.
  • The garden: furnished with umbrellas, the garden offers a serene atmosphere for a quiet evening while enjoying a drink

Our Menu

Guest can enjoy a wide selection of beers, wine and liquors in a friendly atmosphere while listening to some good music.

Hungry? Our barbecue offers delicious brochettes which are among the best you can find in the city. Our menu includes a selection of grilled meat, chicken, fish and pork.

The Bar is open from mid day until late.