Coronavirus in Rwanda: Key Safety Measures That May Protect You And Your Family

The verdict has fallen: the Coronavirus is one of the most infectious diseases our modern society has experienced as of yet. Fortunately, most infected people eventually recover from the disease. Nevertheless, the odds of serious (and even fatal) health complications are too high to ignore the prescribed safety guidelines.

During this challenging period, you will need to be extremely prudent about the places you visit. Unless these locations are adequately equipped to facilitate your adherence to the safety measures listed below, you might want to avoid staying for too long.


Safety Measures: What You Should Know

The news can be frightening; the Coronavirus can be airborne at a distance of up to 6 feet (1.80 m), infected materials such as clothes and phones can carry the virus for up to twelve hours, and the mortality rate among the elderly and immunodeficient is considerable. However, there exists an array of preventive methods that may protect you from infection. During the next few weeks, it will be the responsibility of all adults to ensure they follow the specified health guidelines to avoid spreading the disease. You will find that a simple routine may keep you out of harm’s way. Along with the government provided guidelines, appropriate nutrition, and consistent social-distancing may improve your chances of keeping the flu at bay.